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The new Fitbit Inspire HR is a great fitness tracker overall, but it isn't the most affordable device in this list. Although you'll pay extra than you would for a lot of the other devices surrounding it here, Fitbit has created a overall easy to use package with a very attractive design. It doesn't feature GPS, which a lot of the other trackers on this list do offer though. Instead you'll get access to Fitbit's app, an accurate heart rate monitor and a variety of workouts directly from your wrist. Read the full Fitbit Inspire HR review. The Moov Now may be a few years old, but it's still one of the best movement trackers out there thanks to its 9-axis accelerometer - the same one used in missile navigation systems.

As a result it can not only track your daily steps, calories and the like, but also other movements. That means guided, personalized training feedback. Buy this if you're looking for an affordable yet impressive fitness tracker that doesn't constantly try to distract you from your fitness. Read the Moov Now review. Our fourth entry in the best cheap fitness tracker list comes from Chinese company Honor with its fourth attempt at making a budget device for your wrist.

Best budget fitness trackers: Xiaomi, Fitbit, Huawei and more

There's an impactful color OLED screen on this device, which isn't something you're going to find on all the of the other trackers here. There's no GPS though, so you'll need to take your phone running if you want to know how far you've traveled. The Honor Band 4 is one of the slimmest and smallest fitness bands you can buy on a budget, so consider this if you're looking for something slight that you won't notice sitting on your wrist.

Read our full Honor Band 4 review. This is remarkably achieved without sacrificing the year-long battery life of the stellar third edition. Thanks to the Garmin Connect app you can also customize the display, while setting timers and alarms directly from the wrist. Read the Garmin Vivofit 4 review.

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The Bip is a really capable but really simple fitness watch that we referred to in our full review as "the layman's Apple Watch" and we stand by the nickname. In terms of a super rich experience and high performance, it can't compete with Apple. Not at all. But for its extremely budget-friendly price tag, the Amazfit Bip is a competent fitness tracker that has a few awesome tricks up its sleeve - most notably the fact it can last more than 30 days on a single charge.

Gift-wise it's a great buy for anyone who is in the market for a cheap and cheerful fitness device. Its simple set-up also makes it a good choice for complete fitness tech beginners. Read the Amazfit Bip review. Want the cheapest fitness tracker on this list? It's here and it's called the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, and it's not a completely useless device. In fact, the Mi Band 3 can do a lot considering how much it costs. It comes with a battery life that should last around a whole month depending on how much you'll be using it, and there is tons of fitness tech built-in.

There's no GPS, but it comes with a heart rate monitor and tracking tech for your daily step and workouts too. It's not the most attractive fitness tracker you can buy, but it has a slimline design and it's light so you won't really notice you've got this on your wrist. The screen can show you stats for your workouts, and it's much bigger than the one on the Mi Band 2. If budget is your main concern in your search for a fitness tracker, it's hard to go wrong with the Mi Band 3 from Xiaomi. Read the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review. And in the case of the Fitbit Flex 2 it works well with lots of features for a low price.

The Flex 2 will do all the usual step, distance and calorie burn tracking using its motion sensor smarts, but it goes further. You can also track sleep and even do exercises that the band will automatically detect and track. Everything syncs wirelessly to the smartphone app and offers clear feedback to help you make health progress. The Flex 2 is also swim-proof, comes in different styles and uses LED lights and vibrations to notify you about calls and texts from a connected smartphone.

All that and it should last five days before needing a charge.

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Read the Fitbit Flex 2 review. Although it's a few years old now, the Misfit Ray is an affordable yet very attractive activity tracker that should appeal to anyone wanting to make sure their wearable enhances their look.

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There are plenty of muted color options to pick from and each features the same anodized aluminum central device with LED lights. The swim-proof wearable uses replaceable batteries for a charge-free six months of constant use. That includes step and sleep tracking plus vibration alerts for calls, messages, reminders and alarms. It's a top choice because it doesn't look bland, plasticky and built solely for fitness. It's genuinely nice-looking and it can be worn on a chain or bracelet, meaning it straddles the line between tech and jewellery quite nicely.

Read the Misfit Ray review. The Garmin Vivosmart 4 may have since been launched, but that just makes the Vivosmart 3 suitable for our best cheap fitness tracker list as the price has dropped down - and continues to. The design has been revamped to make it feel a little less budget and let you take it for a swim. Based on our experience, it's still not the most accurate of trackers we've used, but if you value a strong combination of features, an app with actionable insights and a sporty design, then the price won't be the only thing that will make the Mi Band 3 sound so appealing.

Read our full Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review. Feature check: Steps, sleep, heart rate, notifications, waterproof design, contactless payments on NFC models , automatic sports tracking. Along with an improved touchscreen display, the new Pro include built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and coaching for breathing and running.

This is also one of the few trackers on this list that can be dunked in the water thanks to its 5ATM water rating. For those who like to keep tabs on notifications, you'll get bumps for calls, texts and inactivity, too. If the Mi Band is too basic, then the Band 3 Pro is well worth considering as an alternative instead. Read our full Huawei Band 3 Pro review. Fitbit's latest fitness tracker is actually a pair of fitness trackers.

There's the Inspire and Inspire HR. Both devices have swimproof designs and track steps, distance and sleep. They also provide notification support and automatic workout recognition. However, they differ with that heart rate sensor.

Best fitness tracker for under £30 ($30) - 2018 - Review

Either way, you're getting one of the best budget trackers available. Read our full Fitbit Inspire HR review.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

Feature check: Waterproof, swim tracking, sleep tracking, guided breathing, automatic activity tracking, notifications. Garmin's most basic fitness tracker is a bit of a throwback. Steps, sleep and calories are the metrics here. There's no heart rate or workout modes, though you will get credit for being active thanks to MoveIQ. The Vivofit 4 is also pool friendly, so don't be afraid to take it for a swim although it won't track your strokes or count laps. It will give you a year's worth of battery life though, so you can forget about needing to keep a charger around. All that with an always-on screen.

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With the Vivofit 4, you're getting a simple, no frills fitness tracker. Read our Garmin Vivofit 4 review. It's an oldie, but it's still a solid fitness tracker you can still buy on the cheap. Like the Misfit Shine , the Flash can track sleep and steps, be worn almost anywhere including on the wrist , and tell when you're cycling and swimming.

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Like its predecessor, it comes in a range of colours, has a replaceable watch battery that lasts six months and syncs with the same app. It can also be used as a smart button to take control of smartphone smart home tech as well. So what's the difference? The Misfit Flash is chunkier and made of plastic instead of aluminium. It's worth keeping in mind that although Misfit itself no longer sells the Flash, those interested can still pick it up from places like Amazon.

Check out our comprehensive Misfit Flash review. A lot of people are complaining of it, including me And no answers or solutions of Fitbit on the many problems. There are also a lot of other problems about the apps, the fitness it measures, etc My advice? I've had three Fitbit surges, only to have them bubble and peel. The first two Fitbit replaced with little hassle.

The third one also peeled and bubbled even though I was following all the guidelines set out by Fitbit for the care of their product. I bought the Fitbit Blaze which I have trouble with when I try to charge it or connecting to my phone when I'm going for a run. I then bought the Fitbit Ionic which continually tells me it is still charging even long after I take it off the charger. I then have to reset it to get it to quit giving me that message and to record my activity.

In , I bought my husband a Fitbit Charge 2 for a Christmas gift, when we tried to set up his profile and connect it to his phone it would not connect. I got on the phone with technical support to find out that his Fitbit Charge 2 was defective. I then had to send the device back, wait for it to be received and then wait for his replacement to be shipped. All the while having to call and check the status of when the replacement would be sent.