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Just hope that the boxes continue to work with freeview. Sorry mboy, point taken.

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In my defence i was trying to feed 3 kids and my ipad wouldnt show me the cursor so i couldnt go back and correct spelling and grammar. Try going into your Sky account, once you cancel there is usually an offer waiting for you. I cancelled my Sky a few months ago as I hardly ever watch TV. I get letters at least every fortnight offering something or other. We never got one and the missus broke under the strain of not being able record corrie and sunday brunch.

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Well plenty of stories of people receiving an offer within 24 hours but so far nothing for me. I will concede though that as its a weekend that might have some bearing on it so i will check every other day. The more i read about peoples exploits the more it fascinates me as to how the companies operate so i am genuinely intrigued to see how this plays out, i think i need to go out riding more! Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 of 18 total.

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Posted 2 years ago. S ome Sky customers have bypassed the lengthy cancellation process and instead written to Sky notifying it that they are cancelling and then have cancelled their direct debit.

Sky advises against this. This is because any outstanding balance will need to be paid, and cancelling the direct debit may lead to the account falling into debt.

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However, James Daley, a consumer champion and director of Fairer Finance, said that consumers are within their rights to cancel a direct debit. That said, customers must ensure that they pay Sky any money owed. Most Sky contracts are sold on a 12 or month minimum contract. If a customer wants to cancel within this period they will face early termination charges. The way this is worked out is complex and depends on which services you have and how many months are remaining in the contract. Any part months will be calculated at a daily rate.

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All costs are rounded up to the nearest 25p. Sky states: "The early termination charge will not be more than the charges you would have paid for your products for the remainder of the minimum term less any costs we save, including the cost of no longer providing you with the relevant products.

I n July , Ofcom, the communications regulator, launched a switching service for broadband and landline customers intended to make it easier for customers to switch. This means if you are moving from Sky to another broadband or phone provider, you can get your new provider to cancel your Sky on your behalf.

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You simply pick which broadband or phone provider you want to use and they will then contact Sky. Both will send you a letter confirming which services have been cancelled or switched and the time it will take to happen. More information is available here. In this instance you will need to cancel your old contract yourself and arrange for your new contract to start.

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However, by contacting Sky and saying you want to cancel you can usually get a discount on your package.