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It includes the use of color therapy and customized functions for a range of treatments for weight loss. An invigorating bath experience, the power jet shower targets bio-energy meridians in the body to activate the lymph system and alleviate body pains and stiffness. This therapy helps to increase blood circulation, hydrate the skin, achieve weight loss and soothe the nerves eliminating physical and emotional stress.

Our range of Ayurveda treatments are one of the finest in Dubai. Effective for pacifying overworked and stressed muscles, this massage involves applying pressure on the vital points or marmas in the muscles which releases trapped energy. A small circle of herbal paste is made on the lower back and medicated oils are poured into the depression which helps in reducing back pain, disc and nerve related issues. A special herbal concoction is poured all over the body to activate lymphatic drainage, mobilize weight loss, tone muscles and help in treating nerve disorders, rheumatism and arthritis.

Highly nutritive, this enema helps to remove accumulated malas toxins from the colon. Ideal for neck and shoulder pain, headache, sinusitis and face muscle disorders, this therapy is carried out by dripping medicated oils into the nostrils with a gentle massage on the neck, shoulder and face. Shirodhara helps in completely relaxing your body, insomnia, facial disorders and neurological problems. It also relieves you from headaches and stress. A time honoured technique in Ayurveda, this treatment involves the use of customised warm herbal oils that are poured into a cap that is perfectly fitted on the head followed by a gentle massage.

This massage uses a deep, dry massage using herbal powders which stimulate the hair follicles to combat obesity and remove toxins, as well as for firming and toning the body. A unique method of treating eye disorders and improving eyesight, this therapy has a cooling effect on irritated and stressed eyes.

This therapy uses cloth bags filled with herbs, milk and medicated njavara rice to detox, tone muscles and rejuvenate the body as well as treat nerve disorders and muscle deterioration. Therapies are customized according to gratify the mind, body and soul. Massage techniques and oils are selected according to the your body type, skin sensitivity and pressure points. Slim Manager System provides concurrent analysis of whole body composition, visceral fat area and edema, indicating the level of water, protein, mineral, fat and the variation from the standard.

It is also possible to measure the composition of a specific part of the body. These results are stored and can be referred to monitor the results of your wellness program. The assessment provides you the necessary information to help design an ideal lifestyle and experience visible improvement in a short period of time. About Balance Balance Wellbeing Spa is a 21st century approach to wellness.

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Customize your therapy View Details. Facials Our facials are best known for their detoxifying, glowing, rejuvenating and revitalizing properties. Duration: 60 mins Perfect for: All skin types including sensitive skin. Duration: 60 mins Perfect for: Dry and Oily Skin. Duration: 60 mins Perfect for: Anti Aging, All skin types including sensitive skin. Duration: 30 mins Perfect for: All skin types including sensitive skin.

Duration: 60 mins Perfect for: Oily and Dry Skin. Massages For the complete relaxation of the mind and the body, to relieve stress, strain and to activate blood circulation, our signature massages help stimulate the energy resources in the body, thus allowing vital energy leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Duration: 60 mins.

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Duration: 90 mins. Duration: 30 mins. Body Scrubs, Exfoliation and Wraps Therapies like body scrubs, exfoliations and wraps help in removing the dead cells and so that the skin can breathe and have better absorption capacity. Gentleman Spa Therapies These customized treatments are highly recommended for weight lifters, sporty people and also those looking for chakra balancing. Rituals With deep roots in Roman times, these relaxing bathing experiences, are deeply cleansing and healing treatments and are very therapeutic for those who enjoy and feel relaxed in the element of water.

Duration: 2hrs mins.

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Duration: 2hrs and 30 mins. Hydrotherapy and Bath This high-pressure blast of jets of water is the ideal way to release stiffness, regain muscle strength and unwind after an intense workout. Duration: 45 mins. Customize your therapy Therapies are customized according to gratify the mind, body and soul. Body Composition Analysis BCA Slim Manager System provides concurrent analysis of whole body composition, visceral fat area and edema, indicating the level of water, protein, mineral, fat and the variation from the standard.

Fashion Season. Be Discovered Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicingelit, sed do Become a Model. Customer can take advantage of a comprehensive minute spa treatment designed to soothe the mind and help relax the body. Unwind during this hammam or spa treatment, or opt for a scrub and mud ritual; includes pool, gym and spa access. Beauty buffs may refresh the complexion thanks to a cryogenic facial, or opt to include cryogenic hair treatment.

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  • Clients can get pampered with a choice of spa treatments aiming to relieve tensions; selected options include pool access. Customers can choose from up to four sessions of Thai, sports, Swedish or Crowne relaxing spa treatment at this Dubai-based hotel healthclub. Nail extensions can be complemented with a classic or Gelish manicure and an optional neck and shoulder or foot spa treatment.

    Beauty buffs can be pampered with a holistic package that combines swimming pool and gym access with a spa treatment of choice. Beauty buffs can have their fingers and toes adorned with a layer of classic or Gelish polish, or opt to add eyebrow waxing or threading. Clients can enjoy a full day of pool, spa and gym access, with a minute treatment including a quick fix back spa treatment. Be pampered with a comprehensive treatment session including a Moroccan bath, facial and mani-pedi; opt to go with a facial or a bath only.

    Fingers and toes will be buffed, filed and shaped by a technician before classic or Gelish polish is applied, opt to include reflexology. Customers can be pampered with a Moroccan bath, or opt to pair it with the likes of mani-pedi, facial, body scrub or hot tub session.

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    Customers can adorn their nails with a splash of colour in the form of traditional or Gelish polish, or opt to include eyebrow threading. Indulge in a minute Moroccan bath with optional minute spa treatment, or opt for classic pedicure with reflexology. Customers can spend a part of their day relaxing while getting professional manicure and pedicure combo with other optional treatments. Customers can relax and unwind with a spa treatment of choice or take advantage of a pampering package.

    Let a professional beauty therapist pamper the nails on hands and feet with a choice of mani-pedi and opt to add foot spa treatment. Customers can feel pampered with a facial treatment and an optional haircut, shave and five-minute spa treatment.


    A beautician gives nails a makeover with a file, buff and finish before applying nail polish with optional reflexology or facial available. Customers can be pampered with a choice of one or two minute facial spa treatments, designed to revitalise and nourish the skin. Beauty buffs can feel revitalised thanks to this Dermalogica facial treatment, with an option to add a Gelish mani-pedi and Moroccan bath. Snap up a discount coupon for a Dubai spa and treat yourself to a blissful session of pampering that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world. Dubai is a first class business center and leisure resort, catering to visitors who demand the highest standards of service.

    As such, Dubai has a vast array of world-class spa facilities, where you can redeem your coupons. They offer a wide-variety of luxurious health, wellness and beauty treatments that will soothe your mind and body. Your coupons for Dubai spas can also be used to purchase surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments at a medical spa. These might include laser treatments and injections to improve your skin.