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This was long before the Ski-Doo was released and Polaris reps told us they simply wanted to make a durable, reliable motor with great power-to-weight ratio. The is a Snow Check option, and you can choose your sled, color, options and make yourself an exclusive sled, uniquely yours. After 25 years of Liberty engines including the H. What really blew our hair back was the announcement of a standard four-year warranty with this motor.

In the RMK deep-snow line of sleds, the is said to give instant lift, have low inertia, and the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry. It is by far the most powerful snow engine Polaris has ever built, and is said to have the best throttle response as well. Since this is basically an all new motor, then naturally most everything on it is going to be new. Basically the only things that are the same are the water and detonation temperature sensors and the spark plugs.

The bore and stroke of the Patriot were selected for minimized inertia and the best throttle response and handling. In addition, the motor has a lightweight crankshaft, which is just three pounds more than the old H. The new cylinder and head have plenty of new tech put into them as well, including better cooling and other new-to-this-motor designs.

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One of many cool new pieces of tech on this motor is a new water bottle with an integrated thermostat that is patent pending. This design moves the thermostat off the engine for minimized vibration and better durability and reliability.

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It will have a longer life too. This is a self-bleeding cooling system, with a tested degree T-Stat. A new engine mounting strategy was used to minimize the vibration to the chassis and to the rider. Also the new has a more consistent clutch center distance still with a P Team primary.

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Belt longevity is better we are told and this motor drops right into the AXYS chassis so the performance is seamless. Finally, that 4-year warranty speaks volumes to Polaris believing in this new motor. Normally I would say to hold off a year on buying the newest, flashiest motor to let them get the kinks worked out, but with a four-year warranty many of those screams can at least be quieted.

The smaller EVO still has its roots in a inch full-sized sled, but with a new seat and lower ride height, lower front and rear suspension, narrower and lower handlebars. This is the exact right tweener-sled the industry needed.

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Our knowledgeable staff is here to help six days a week and will be here when you need us. Don't go through another summer wishing you had an off road machine make that dream a reality and stop in today! It's time to reclaim your yard and the Altoz TRX line up is here to help!

Take down brush, and overgrowth with the only tracked mower on the market.

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The and are smaller machines geared toward the residential customer but make no mistake they are built to handle anything like their predecessor. The new machines are equipped with finish cut decks offering you a superior quality cut for your lawn, along with the Altoz exclusive track system these machines can mow where other wheeled mowers can not. Need to knock down overgrowth and brush? Don't worry the TRX has you covered with its available all terrain deck this machine can take down up to one inch thick saplings.

Altoz not only offers tracked mowers but has a full line up of commercial and residential wheeled mowers ready to help you achieve the perfect cut and a comfortable ride. Click here to see the full Altoz line up. Not sure which mower is right for you?

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Click Here to see a break down of all the machines Altoz offers. We carry the latest from Polaris and other top manufacturers.

And new SLS front shocks use a new technology that utilizes a steel spring which, combined, are 3lbs lighter than titanium. This improves the ability of the sled to sidehilll in very steep terrain, but reduces the overall length only minimally. For , it will only be available in an Assault The SKS however, will be available in an package for snow check. There are so many options to choose from for from Polaris, ranging from engines, models, track sizes and a wide variety of colours.

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But for now, the key thing to know is that the Patriot engine and the PRO-RMK upgrades that come with it will only be available in snowcheck. Facebook Instagram Youtube. By Mountain Sledder.

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